October Swap Summary

At our October 13th  Do Tell Story Swap, an attentive audience appreciated the variety of vivid stories that brought laughter, longing, contemplation and some shudders. We had a warm connection on the balmy evening, plus freshly baked apple pie!

Clare shared a magical tale about the imagined view two roommates conjured from a nonexistent window… that opened real windows in their souls. Katy was in season with migrating geese on an animated quilt, while Laurie had us ducking to “Whoosh!” about bats flying about in her house.

Martha’s hilarious story about Old Dry Fry who loved fried chicken and was done in five times in five ways, was told with her trademark twinkle of eye and perfect timing. Brandon brandished a slapstick true story from Indonesia with plenty of mayhem and mighty sound effects.

Cal has a remarkable memory for historical facts and told about the Swamp Fox, a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. And Rosemary related a stubborn conversation between nymphs and goblins in a piece by Harold Monro, “Overheard on a Salt Marsh.”

Tellabration is coming on Saturday November 21 to the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa. Click on our Tellabration page on this website for information about the four great storytellers who will be performing.  Meanwhile, join us at the monthly story swap on Tuesday November 10.  See you soon at one or both of these great storytelling gatherings!