November Swap Notes

Do Tell Story Swap had a lively group of tellers and listeners to warm a chilly evening. The group shared what November means to them, with answers everywhere from the beautiful colors of our gorgeous Sonoma County autumn, to honoring our veterans, to being thankful it’s not Christmas yet!

Reaching back a bit towards Halloween, Elaine told a harrowing story of a man being chased by a coffin. This tale is told different ways, so we won’t spoil the ending which is a surprise kicker, but it is a favorite for the scary season.

Continuing the spooky theme, Mary had an eerie true recollection about ghosts who occupied her farm neighbor’s house, while the living occupants enjoyed popcorn and read the funny papers.

Katy took us on an enchanting pumpkin tour into a land of whimsy and fun, bending the borders of what is real and what is magic.

Clare told a touching story about her brother with whom she grew close in their adult years. She relayed how, years after her brother’s death, she had an encounter with a taxi driver whose qualities, and even statements, directly paralleled those of her brother. Really beautiful, Clare!

Cal moved us toward Thanksgiving with vivid imagery in his story of a homeless woman, two themes directly in our consciousness now that it is getting colder and close to the day of thanks. His story was inspired with generosity and hope.

Laurie shared her true tale about a “perpetual” Thanksgiving greeting card, now dog-eared and held together by tape, that has traveled 40,000 miles between she and her sister, and remains in circulation after 30 years.

Martha told the much loved “No News” story with her usual bright, funny delivery. Rosemary treated us to the traditional Scottish fairy tale about Tam Linn, with mystery and magic aplenty. And Elaine finished up by reciting a lively rendition of a ballad, “The Face on the Barroom Floor” by Hugh Antoine D’Arcy.

TELLABRATION!™ is right around the corner! A performance by four stellar tellers, it will be on Saturday November 21st from 7 to 9 PM at the Glaser Center near downtown Santa Rosa. This will be the 6th year Do Tell Story Swap has brought this free evening of storytelling to Sonoma County.

This year we are partnering with the Storytelling Association of California. We have fabulous tellers and are expecting a wonderful evening of great entertainment for adults, teens, and kids age 8 and up. Check out the details on the TELLABRATION!™ section of this website. See you there!