September Swap Summary 2016

A balmy September evening brought 25 story lovers together to tell and hear tales at our Do Tell Story Swap. The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, with stories full of fun and feeling.

Nicoline began with a sweet story of how she found love in her small French town. Love at first sight and lots of walking and cuddling led to a long and happy relationship…with her dog!

Some of Brandon’s folk were from Missouri and he spent magical times visiting there with them. This story of his grandfather, an old wrecked car, “Injuns” and Indians took us back in time, and then forward to tell of a mystery with an ironic ending.

Pat told a tale of a common girl who wanted to marry a prince. When her fairy godmother failed to show up to help, she was persuaded to marry a common man who loved her. Years later, the fairy godmother finally appeared, and the girl declined her services because she already had her royal husband.

Rosemary’s masterful telling of the Cinderella story in twisted funny language had everyone laughing! “Pinterella” is a tongue twister of a tale that really brought new life to this old tale.

Mary recited The Fairies, a poem by William Allingham. With vivid language we are told about the fairies and what happened after they stole little Bridget.

Cal told the Yugoslavian story “The Cock and the Czar.” When a man’s neighbor proved selfish, he used his clever cock to become rich. Then he turned the tables on his neighbor and wouldn’t share the riches the cock brought him.

Robin’s story about children playing king, queen and knight was a delightful window into imagination. Weapons, treasure and a thief (Robin herself) brought joy and insight into the world of the child.

Thomas recalled his experiences learning to ride the rails. Combining that with his backpacking experience, Thomas had us along for a hilarious whirlwind ride as he hopped different trains, got busted and had to deal with a heavy unwieldy pack on his way to Glacier National Park.

Dimitri’s tale of the fool who can never say the appropriate thing for the occasion was a lesson that maybe some of our candidates for office should listen to. Though very humorous, the story shows that if you don’t know the situation, you shouldn’t say anything.

Clare told a story about an ethereal being who visited her in the night and demanded her left eye. Though reluctant, she gave the being her eye which it then used for seeing beauty. When the being returned the eye, it had been transformed so that Clare now viewed life as someone else had seen it.

Rachaelanne told a tale of a man who is given a gift of beautiful glassware at a time when it was extremely valuable. Upon returning home, the man hurls all the glass objects against the wall, shattering them. The reason? He would rather break the glassware himself than have to punish a servant who might have accidentally broken it.

Katy recounted how she and her husband spent summer visits at Lake Tahoe and had an open Bronco truck at the time. During an afternoon outing, a rainstorm appeared on the horizon so they sprinted for home. Their neighbor, waiting and watching the storm, was sure they would be drenched. But they dodged the rain, much to the neighbor’s surprise.

Rosemary told of a man going on a journey with his wife’s six rice cakes to keep him fed the whole way. However, his hunger gets the best of him. He eats them all and afterwards is full. The man then says to himself, “I should have eaten the sixth cake first because that is the one that took away my hunger!”

Our next Do Tell Story Swap is October 11th. Please join us for more wonderful stories and fun!  The Swap is a non-competitive gathering for all adult and teen storytellers.

And be sure to note that our November Swap will be on Nov 1, not our usual 2nd Tuesday, due to the presidential election which takes place on the 2nd Tuesday this year.

Our Swap is scent-free for the health/comfort of all.  Thanks for taking care to refrain from wearing fragrances and scented products at our gatherings.