December Swap Summary

The last Story Swap of 2016 was festive and fun with lots of stories and delicious treats to celebrate another great year for Do Tell Story Swap. As Meg Brown wrapped up TELLABRATION! 2016 with a brief summary, Katy Mangan surprised her with the gift of a lovely camellia bush to thank her for her leadership as director of TELLABRATION! for the last 3 years.

To kick off the stories, Clare brought us Part 2  of her adventures in Egypt. A determination to see the Great Pyramids put her at the mercy of a lecherous guide. Clare’s loud refusal deterred the guide enough that she was able to immerse herself in the antique energy of these amazing structures. Part 3 next month!

Clare and Rosemary enjoy a winter moment.

Then Brandon took the floor to continue his story of meeting a trance master in Indonesia, and about what happened when Brandon returned to the U.S. and was plagued with panic attacks for a year. Finally, returning to the trance master, his situation was resolved as he was released from the trance he didn’t know he had been under.

Mary has told some ghost stories recently, and insists that her story of a Christmas ghost is true. A family found that the ornaments on their Christmas tree would not stay in place. In fact, during the night they could hear the ornaments smashing and being tossed about. The suspect ghost apparently didn’t like that the tree had been removed from over its grave and it was making its anger known by destroying the decorations.

Sher, dressed for the holiday, told of childhood Christmas memories with her siblings.  With delight, Sher described how she proved Santa’s existence to her littlest sister by drawing lines in the snow to show where Santa’s sleigh had landed in their front yard. Yes, there really is a Santa!

Cal’s story of the man with no luck always brings a little laughter and a big lesson about paying attention to what is right in front of you. If your eyes are not open, opportunities will be missed, and sometimes there are dire consequences.

Laurie’s story came from a recent experience waiting in a long line at the post office. Bored and with nothing to read or do, she instigated an impromptu choir of carolers among the other customers waiting for their turn at the counter. The resulting smiles, eye contact and fun was a true sign of the season.

Robin’s children inspire her to make up stories. For this winter season, a story lesson on snow was transformed into a magical sparkling experience of the imagination.

Finally, Elaine told “Luck or Intelligence?” where a sculptor, tailor and gardener compete for the affections of a beautiful mute princess. Does luck or intelligence prevail? It was great to juxtapose this story with Cal’s story about luck.

If you enjoy these story summaries, you’re in luck! Come hear more stories told live at our next Do Tell Story Swap, on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. Happy New Year!