Story Swap Notes – July 2015

A warm summer night brought a nice group to the Swap on July 14th. We heard new stories and had a chance to reconnect, relax, and recharge our imaginations.

We were anticipating Brandon Spar’s second installment to his story about his unusual wedding, but since it was his actual wedding anniversary, we had to get a rain check and hope to hear it at our August Swap. You don’t want to miss it.

July’s stories were as varied and entertaining as ever. Stories told were about the Celtic festival of Lammas, folk tales from Burma, Japan and the Appalachians. Meg Brown told about the “Man with No Luck” and Cal Johnson entertained us with a paranoid fantasy. Rosemary Hayes told a magical tale of elephants, giraffes, lions and monkeys from the POV of a 6 year old child. Mary Turner’s true life story of her mother’s experience as a matron of a women’s prison in New Jersey was an inspiration in kindness and creativity. Elaine Stanley told a story of two women who were lifelong friends until an argument threatened to end their friendship. Many stories like this one help us see difficulties and solutions to life’s challenges in a new light.

With only about 15 minutes left in the Swap, Elaine led us in an improv story, inviting the audience to participate in building the tale. It was a lot of fun and the resulting story was very funny.  And that is a big part of storytelling – fun!

Join us next Swap on August 11 for a special guest who comes all the way from China! We look forward to seeing you!

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