STORY SWAP NOTES – September 2015

Despite the record heat, we had a lively September Swap. It was a special occasion as we celebrated Martha Shogren’s 65th wedding anniversary with cupcakes and a lovely orchid. Martha is a remarkable storyteller and a virtual encyclopedia of stories. She is my go-to person for help in finding stories I want to tell!  One of the founding members of the Do Tell Story Swap, Martha is a true treasure. In fact, at our September Swap Martha told the Russian folk tale she told at the very first Do Tell Story Swap in 2010. In all the intervening years, Martha has never retold a story before this! Congratulations, Martha!

Martha close good

The evening brought out folk tales from far away lands, personal stories of family and fate, and exciting tall tales. Brandon Spars told of meeting Loro Kidul, Goddess of the South Seas, in his harrowing tale of being shipwrecked in Indonesia. Cal Johnson’s story about the Revolutionary War entertained with a bit of history and pride in country. Meg Brown, inspired by a wonderful story told by Willy Claflin at the 2015 Sierra Storytelling Festival, told her rendition of the Buzzard and the Chicken Hawk, and Elaine Stanley followed that up by telling about the Goshawk.

Do Tell Story Swappers are an active group! We are busy bringing storytelling to the community. In August Meg Brown and Laurie Reaume participated in the “Connect Community” event put on by the Sonoma County Gazette. We had the opportunity to talk to lots of people about storytelling, the Swap and Tellabration. Katy Mangan participated in Art on the Ridge, presenting afternoon stories during the weekend of September 12-13.  Elaine, Katy and Cal brought their lively stories to an attentive and appreciative group of about 30 listeners at Brookdale Paulin Creek on September 19th.

 Cal and Audience    All Tellers

Mark your calendar to attend Tellabration on Saturday November 21, an evening of storytelling fun and magic for story lovers of all ages! See our Tellabration page on this website for all the information.

The next Swap is October 13th. We look forward to seeing you there! “The world is full of stories and from time to time they allow themselves to be told.”

By Meg Brown





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