April Swap 2016 Summary

April’s Swap brought out lots of the Swap’s favorite tellers as well as a special guest, Cathryn Fairlee. Cathryn is hosting the “MythOff” coming up May 22nd, from 4 til 6pm in Cotati. Several Do Tell Swap tellers will be participating and it is not to be missed! Details available at May’s Swap or send us a comment below for follow up.

At April’s Swap, Cathryn shared a piece from the “The Popol Vuh” entitled “Hero Twins”. With a mysterious jungle as the background, two brothers seek to conquer death. The characters and twists in the story make the lessons learned very memorable.

It is always fun to see what a teller does with a prop. Chard Lowden’s purple top hat with a pink octopus clinging to it, created curiosity and a bittersweet touch to the tale of the consequences of environmental degradation: we’ll all be living in the ocean!

Sometimes short humorous stories fit the need. Everyone should have one or two in their back pocket to tell. Martha Shogren has more than just a couple, we suspect. She told one about a forgetful couple and their doctor’s advice and another about a dog who was incredibly quick-witted when confronted by a panther. Laughs all around.

In memory of a friend who recently died, Cal Johnson told a story about a woman who wanted to be buried with a fork in her hand. At church dinners, everyone always said to “keep your fork” for the desserts and so, since she believed that the best was yet to come, she wanted to have her fork ready!

Powerful family stories told by Nicoline Leseigneur about her birthday and Alicia Bonner’s story of her grandmother’s strength are wonderful examples of telling our “histories”.

Clare Morris and Rosemary Hayes told stories of those living by the sea and the whimsical and mysterious things that happen there.  Katy Mangan told of finding the perfect yoga mat (no small feat!), and Elaine filled in the last few minutes with “The Bee and the Butterfly”.

Thank you to all our Swap tellers! Everyone is invited to tell at the Swap so come on down to share fun, laughs, thoughtfulness and camaraderie! See you at the Swap on Tuesday May 10th.



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