March Swap Summary 2016

With springtime upon us we welcomed several newcomers to the audience and stage this month, and appreciated the “regulars” who always have a new-to-us tale to tell. 24 folks tuned in and enjoyed a variety of stories and telling styles.

First-timer David recited a poem, “Who Owns the Land?” which is also a book review and recommendation.

Laurie reminisced about a junior high school gym class when she choreographed a gymnastics routine to the song Bend Me Shape Me. Drama, suspense, triumph!

Clare told a tale from Northern China about straw hats, statues, and magic.
Katy described her appreciation for Gor Yaswen, a local radio host who welcomed her to tell a story on the air.

Cal’s story from India about the power of karma involved a poor man, a melon, a king, and jewels.

Newcomer Liam told a folk tale set in Vermont, where a dairy farmer plays harmonica.

Another first-time teller, Jayne, had a heart-wrenching true story about she and her nine siblings being sent in different directions when very young, and how she eventually found her mother again after age 50.

Chard had a thoughtful piece, “What If?” asking us to consider what is the one thing we have that we’d be devastated to lose? With his limited eyesight, Chard believes he has never seen more clearly.

Elias told his first story at the Swap, describing his speech as a high school senior to the student body disclosing something embarrassing about himself. As he did in that speech, he asked our audience, instead of applauding at the end of his presentation, turn to the person next to you and share something embarrassing about yourself. Powerful (and cringe-worthy) exercise!

Rosemary relayed an ancient Chinese story set during the Ming Dynasty, about a young girl who sacrificed herself to make metals merge into a perfect huge bell.

Come ring your own bell and tell us a story – it can be true, new, old, faraway, funny, or whatever you’d like it to be, up to seven minutes in length. We welcome listeners, too! Come join us for the wonder of stories!

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