June Swap Update – 2016

June’s Swap was lively with 19 audience members who heard tales from China, Japan, and more. Stories with poignancy, suspense, humor and history connect us all by bringing heartwarming humanity to our lives.

Mary started out with a children’s story from China about two brothers and the challenge of having a multi-syllabic name when it comes to falling in a well. The story explains why Chinese children now more often have single syllable names. In case you have ever wondered why, the reason is in this story.

Cal told a tender tale about a young boy with leukemia whose last wish to become a firefighter came true with the kind help of the local fire department.

In honor of summertime’s arrival, Laurie shared about her family’s longstanding tradition of having a watermelon seed spitting contest, and the surprise delivery her father made while stepping up to the line for his turn.

Involving a young Japanese man, his dragon companion, and a quest for jewels to pay his love’s father for her hand in marriage, Rosemary told of Totorro’s creative path to getting the needed rubies.

Also from Japan, Clare’s story about deities who developed human likenesses, and how dancing, laughter and discovery of a mirror, returned light and hope to a village darkened by loss.

Laurie, returned to the stage and described the process in having composed her first song, a lullaby, then sang the lilting lyrics which captured childhood moments of pure joy.

Elaine treated us to four stories to wrap up the evening: Senor Snake, a silly, sibilant story with a “punny” punchline. Little Boy Blue, a poem about a young boy and his toys came next.  The Pickpocket, a story about two young thieves who marry and whose baby seemed to have a birth defect until they discovered the baby was just following his parent’s profession. Elaine finished with a tale of a man on the quest for truth. Thanks, Elaine – it was such a fun “mini” concert!

It’s true- we have a great time at the monthly Do Tell Story Swap! Come join us and tell your own story or just listen. No pressure, no competition, judges or scoring; we share stories for improvement and just plain old fun!

Join us July 12 for more great and entertaining stories!

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