February Do Tell Story Swap Notes

First, a very Happy Birthday to our great friend and co-founder, Kenneth Foster! You may be in Washington now, but your spirit lingers with us and we wish you a wonderful year!

Our Swap on February 10th was a fun and lively event with stories of love, making Valentines and funny remembrances of Valentine days in the past. We welcome all the new folks and thank all those who brought us their stories.

A big thank you to guest teller, Leslie Scatchard! We got a wonderful preview of her one woman show in Petaluma on March 13-15th. Check it out at www.clearheartgallery.com.  Leslie, you are welcome any time at the Swap!

This month also marks the debut of this Do Tell Story Swap website! We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Join us next month for more stories and friendship!

Happy Storytelling from Meg Brown


1 thought on “February Do Tell Story Swap Notes”

  1. This new website is masterfully designed and worded. Thank you for the Birthday wish.
    I am so happy you put this website together.

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