Do Tell Story Swap – March 2015

The Story Swap for March featured stories of magic and tall tales. With winter on the wane, but still on our minds, Laurie Reaume shared a real life story of a ski trip gone awry that got everyone laughing and remembering their own funny snow stories. Brandon, one of our newcomers, entertained everyone with a Missouri fish tale that was suspenseful and hilarious. Elaine is always on point with her tall tales, and the stories of Katy, Rosemary, Clare and Cal enlightened and entertained with universal themes of magical encounters.

Don’t forget to register for the Bay Area Storytelling Festival coming up next month. The dates are April 24-26 at the Orinda Community Center. This Festival is not to be missed! Fabulous storytelling to be heard! Check out the complete info at

Join us at the Do Tell Story Swap on April 14 here in Santa Rosa for fun and friendship and great stories always! Check out the details on the home page of this site.

Happy stories to all!




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