April Do Tell Story Swap Notes

The Story Swap on Tuesday, April 14, brought together a lively group of our local tellers to share stories that ranged from traditional African folk tales to personal stories.

To open the Swap, Elaine Stanley shared information from a great article about telling. We will try to publish this type of information on the website when possible to make it more accessible to all. I love this kind of sharing! it’s  great for helping us all as we work on crafting our stories.

Katy Mangan told one of her Shirley Ann stories, always a delight (come back soon, Shirley Ann!). And we look to Cal to bring a laugh with his short amusing stories. Laurie’s tale of family and childhood hit a nostalgic note. And more… Thanks to all our talented and sharing tellers!

Elaine promised a surprise guest teller at May’s Swap…but it was too hard a secret not to share! Do Tell Story Swap founders Kenneth and Patricia Foster will be joining us on Tuesday, May 12th for greeting, catching up with, and of course, sharing stories. See you there!

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