June Do Tell Story Swap Report

Vacation caused me to be quite late in posting this summary of the June Do Tell Story Swap but it was such a great Swap, I think better late than not at all!

There was a great crowd of tellers and listeners at the June Story Swap. Elaine Stanley’s 70th birthday was celebrated with a gift certificate to Rosso’s Restaurant, a card, orchid and balloons…not to mention lots of yummy treats for the break!

We were wonderfully entertained by lots of storytellers. Brandon Spars led off with the telling of the first of a 3 part story about listening to the voice of a river. Brandon’s expressive style draws you right in and his cliffhanger at the end invited everyone back for July’s installment! We heard folk tales about how Raven brings light to the world and how he kills Whale and tried to trick his cousin Blackbird – right on topic, given the whales washed up on the Sonoma Coast in June. Then a sweet short story about a 5 year old girl sitting on a log hoping to play with wild birds and animals. Cal entertained everyone with his  Witch Hunt story. Cal’s stories always have a fun surprise at the end. You gotta hear them!

Finally, the birthday celebrant, Elaine, gave us a gift: Back to back, she delivered a poem, song and stories with the energy and expressiveness that makes Elaine the master storyteller she is. The Bee and the Butterfly;  Mr. Coyote and the dogs (a personal favorite of mine);  Polly Von, a story about a farmer seeking Truth and its meaning;  and “The Battle” finished off the evening.  Whew! Thank you, Elaine!

Next, Tuesday, July 14 is our next Swap. Put it on your calendar and come out to share and hear stories. Fingers crossed Brandon will be back with his next installment too! Info on the Swap is on the home page of this website.

Keep on telling,

Meg Brown – Do Tell Story Swap

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