November 2016 Swap Summary

claire-2mary-1Mary tells a spooky story about a ghost in Lake County, CA.  ->

<- Clare laughs as she tells about her adventures in Cairo, Egypt.

November’s Swap was held on November 1st due to the election on the usual second Tuesday of the month. Our turnout was good and we enjoyed a variety of stories, some harking back to the Halloween holiday and some looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Rosemary, who had wowed us with “Pinterella”, a tongue twister of a Cinderella tale a few months back, told a Native American tale with the same theme. Strong Wind wants a bride and enlists his sister to interview young women eager to marry him. But they all lied when asked if they could see Strong Wind. Finally the most vilified woman in the village honestly answers and thus becomes the beautiful bride.

Laurie honored her grandfather born in 1900 whose birthday is November 1, describing how she collected into a book the spoken bedtime stories he had created so that they will continue to be told and read to future generations. She then told one of his tales, which delighted the audience with its charm and humor.

Clare recalled situations during her solo travels in Cairo, Egypt. Would she get her passport back from the secretive hotel clerk? Would the predatory taxi driver stop his advances now that Clare claimed a husband and four hefty uncles? Stay tuned… we hope to hear the answers next month!

Closer to home, Katy told of her recent scenic road trip along US Route 66, with folksy museums, ghost towns and quirky roadside attractions along the way.

Cal’s tale had the conundrum of a boy sent on horseback to collect a debt in a nearby town, which required traveling the route of a roadside robber. With the clever use of coins and quick wit, the boy made it home with both money and a new horse.

Jordy’s mis-adventure riding a faulty motorcycle around the Santa Cruz hills had us holding our breath and laughing at his hilariously described efforts to get himself and the bike home in one piece.  McGyver has nothing on Jordy!

Mary brought Halloween to the Swap by telling a true story about a church in Lakeport that had a resident ghost. She claims if you visit the town museum, they have “proof” that this ghost was more than a “poof” of the imagination. With help from a ghost whisperer, and a replica of the “Pearly Gates” the resident of the church was finally able to help the ghost move on.

Brandon had another true story from Indonesia, where he studied trance in Bali. He recounted how he studied with a man famous for teaching trance. Brandon believed he was not susceptible so he did not believe the teacher was able to put him into a trance. But unexpected after-effects have made that conclusion questionable. What happened?  Let’s hope Brandon’s next installment of this suspenseful story will break the spell!

Alicia’s expressive, animated tale of the hungry spider and a traveling turtle was a wonderful wrap-up for November’s Swap. The sneaky spider’s greed caught up to him later when he found himself tricked by the turtle.

Please join us on December 13th for the last Swap of 2016. Bring your tales of the holidays, the end of the year, the beauty of winter, or ??  Whatever story is speaking to you needs to be told and heard!

Also, join us for TELLABRATION! on Saturday, November 19th from 7 til 9 pm at The Glaser Center in Santa Rosa for our 6th year bringing wonderful, vibrant storytellers to the community. Take a look at our TELLABRATION! page on this website for teller bios and more information. See you there!